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December 2004
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In Need Of Opinion

I'm currently working on a new set of comics, that involves the walking dead.

I know, I know, cliche... but I decided to take it from a different approach. Usually in film/books/shows/media they personify the military as evil, the dead are stupid and slow, as well as the characters don't take any protection upon themselves unless it fires hot lead or explodes.

I would like to write and create a character study as well as a scary graphic novel that doesn't contain an extreme amount of gore. I would instead like to focus on the destruction of society, where people are so self indulged in their own survival, and those who put their ass on the line for others.

I would also like to incorporate the downfall and terror of an entire city rather than in the outskirts, where MOST undead book/movie takes place.

I'm also tired of the collapse of communications when in reality, it wouldn't collapse over night.

Tell me what you think?