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It appears we have a name for the company.

We should have a website up shortly, oh the fun!

December 1st, is arriving, and though the deadline has moved, I am just curious to what the launch titles will be, and whether they will be an on going series, or not. Also I will need to know whether they are a comic book, novel, graphic novel (aka TPB or Trade Paper Back), or manga.

I'm currently working on 5 launch titles. I'm curious to see what everyone's working on, and get a list of titles you're hoping to have a release titles.

I know I haven't really specified at all on when I'm wanting anything done, but I'm setting the deadline for the first issue of the script written by January fifteenth, regardless if the outline is done or not.

I think it would be more important to focus most of your attention on the script rather than the character outlines.

I'm currently working with Chris to get her grounded, and to get a structure outlined on her project.

*Talk to me immediately if you're going to be working on manga as well as a novel.*

Other than that, we just need a name, and I will have an arrangement for a website to be made.

Also, I would like to meet with you Jill sometime in the upcoming week if at all possible, and just exchange ideas, brainstorm, and all that jazz.

Please keep me updated and posted.

I was doing some thinking, and I came up with a name that I ran by a couple of people, and I thought I would run it through here.

Identity Design Publications (or ID Publications)

We need a name for the company...

Because I plan on having a website being designed soon, to get our shit moving.

So, let's pump out lists upon lists of ideas.

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I am writing in regards to December 1st's deadline regarding everyone.

The deadline is currently postponed indeffinately, due to two new recent additions to our group.

We have a new writer "Christine" and a new artist "David" who will be joining, and I felt I should give them time to finish.

I'm currently working on a new set of comics, that involves the walking dead.

I know, I know, cliche... but I decided to take it from a different approach. Usually in film/books/shows/media they personify the military as evil, the dead are stupid and slow, as well as the characters don't take any protection upon themselves unless it fires hot lead or explodes.

I would like to write and create a character study as well as a scary graphic novel that doesn't contain an extreme amount of gore. I would instead like to focus on the destruction of society, where people are so self indulged in their own survival, and those who put their ass on the line for others.

I would also like to incorporate the downfall and terror of an entire city rather than in the outskirts, where MOST undead book/movie takes place.

I'm also tired of the collapse of communications when in reality, it wouldn't collapse over night.

Tell me what you think?



I'm wanting a script for the first issue of your comic (NOT series) by December 15th.

Problems or questions?
Contact me through e-mail, or phone, or post a comment.

I will try and respond immediately.

Welcome to The Dead And Dreaming.

I put this community together so I can have all of the members in one place, sharing ideas, critiques, deadlines, dates, etc.


I am currently creating a portfolio, more or less to find ourselves a publisher/distributer.


I have some important guidelines for the porfolio, and they are listed as follows:

For The Writers:

- I want a complete list of characters involved in the story.
- I want complete character biographies and their signifigance to the story.
- I want it in written context (no sketches)
- I want your idea for the story (plot synopsis, storyline, etc.)
- I want to know whether it's a mini-series, or an on going series.
- I want to know everything about the story (avoid hyperboles) ie. "What Will Alex do..."
- I want to know if the story is in black and white or in color.
- I want everything in order, and on separate pages (NO SCRIPTS), as follows:
b.)Plot Synopsis
c.)Story (Issue Zero - End)
d.)Significant elements to the story, in form of list.

- I DON'T want just one issue, I want the entire first series, story, etc. (If it's an on going series, I want the first series laid out.)
- I DON'T want this e-mailed.

For The Artists

- I want copies (not the original) works of art.
- I want the best of your best (no fillers)

- I DON'T want this e-mailed.

I am hoping to obtain this by December first.

I know it's a bit to ask, and if there are any questions, feel free to ask.

Happy Creating :)

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